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Alexandra Soumm - Violin

Illya Amar - Vibraphone

Alexandra Soumm started working with french vibraphonist Illya Amar five years ago, through the Esperanz'Arts Organization, which Illya was the first artist to join. No repertoire exists for these two instruments, so Illya transcribed and composed for the duo, exploring various directions of their musical worlds. With time, and their numerous social concerts in France, the UK, and Cambodia, their repertoire has grown, combing classical music, jazz, and traditional romanian, klezmer, arabic, spanish and armenian music. 2017 was the birth of their first musical one-hour programm, their musical journey :  Odysseys.

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'écho de la clique  //


Co-founder of the Esperanz'Arts Organization and Alexandra's long-time friend, Maria Mosconi creates l'Echo de la Clique in 2015. This Paris-based group of internationaly acclaimed artists coming from various musical backgrounds wishes to create strong links between music, theater and plastic arts. Performances go from Janacek's string quartets to readings of Queneau's Exercices de Styles, Buster Keaton links with contemporary jazz, and poetry joins musicians for an never-seen artistic oasis. 


Le salon idéal          //


Le Salon Idéal is a french musical rendez-vous imagined and created by Arièle Butaux, long-time friend of Alexandra Soumm. Being held each month in various parisian places as well as in Venice, 8 to 10 musicians from different backgrounds and musical genres meet to create a different and colorful programm where barriers cease to exist. Crazy ideas emerge from brainstorming sessions, and the concerts are laid back, with a strong communication with the audience, in a cosy atmosphere reminding of the 19th century Salons. 

Today, le Salon Idéal involves 40 artists, feeling totally free to create and experiment different collaborations with each other.



The Ilumina Festival is a brazilian two-weeks festival founded in 2015 by american violist Jennifer Stumm. Held each January close to Sao Paulo, it brings the most talented young south-american musicians in contact with international leading teachers and soloists. Since the first year, Alexandra has been devoted to these young people, working with them in master-classes, chamber music sessions as well as orchestral repertoire. Living all together for two weeks in a peaceful environment ( a 100% local producing farm), and having the time to explore the many aspects of music is what makes Ilumina different from so many other festivals. In a world always more eager for speed, Ilumina is a moment of reflexion about our place as artists in the society, a bridge between different cultures, and a wonderful opportunity for the new generation of artists in South America.


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